Safe Haven Advisors joins with The Estate Planning Team to provide solution to defer capital gains taxes on sales of Marinas & Marine Businesses

Many of the Marina & Marine business owners we work with do not employ optimal tax planning prior to selling their real estate and business assets. For that reason, we have joined with The Estate Planning Team to introduce a pre-packaged solution, called a Deferred Sales Trust™, to defer capital gains taxes when selling real estate and businesses in a structure that is an alternative to a restrictive 1031 Exchange.

Deferred Sales Trust™

A Deferred Sales Trust™ is a type of IRC Section 453 installment sale. Under this code section, a seller can achieve significant tax-deferral benefits by not receiving actual or constructive receipt of the proceeds at the time of the sale, instead receiving payments made to them over time. Moreover, the Deferred Sales Trust™ has greater flexibility in terms of investment selection than a 1031 Exchange, which requires a reinvestment of the proceeds into a qualified real estate investment. Contact us to learn more about a Deferred Sales Trust™ for a no obligation consultation with The Estate Planning Team.

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