Marina & Marine Listings

  SVN | Safe Haven Advisors manages the SVN | Marinas online listings. Many larger marina and marine opportunities are often not publicly listed for confidentiality reasons. We encourage you to contact SVN | Safe Haven Advisors directly to learn more about potential marina and marine related opportunities.

  • Marinas

    Conventional (In-Water), Dry Stack & Mooring Fields, etc.

  • Marine Properties

    Boat Yards & Ship Yards, Business Developed Marine Specialty Properties, Marine Destinations & Resorts, etc.

  • Marine Businesses

    Boat Dealers, Boat Builders & OEMs, Boat Suppliers, etc.

SVN | Safe Haven Advisors maintains the largest database of marinas, marine property and marine businesses across the United States. We have cataloged over 10,500 marinas and organically developed a database of more than 10,000 active acquirers. Our website is the top visited search destination for marina acquirers after only LoopNet in the United States.